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Chairman James Spittle
and CEO Gary Lynch

James and Gary reflect on a year of collaboration and look forward to an exciting year ahead

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Vital support to our members

A year in numbers

Core standards adoption

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Retailers, operators and distributors committed to adopt new standards last year

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of their suppliers who have adopted new GS1 standards

NHS Trusts adopted our standards too

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Vital support to our members

What our members are saying about us

The service and support we have received from GS1 has been second to none.
Credible and experts in their field, passionate about the deliverable.
Since registering with GS1 our barcoding has been totally uneventful... just what we wanted!
I wish everybody was as professional and effective as GS1 UK.
We find GS1 very professional and also very approachable.
The purpose and benefits of GS1 UK are unquestionable.
Vital support to our industries

new members


UK online retail sales


increase in sales across Retail CPG

Retail commentary
We’re proving our continued relevance in today’s retail environment. Not only in supply chains but, importantly, in the customer experience, both in-store and online.

David Smith
Head of Digital

As retailers and brands evolve their business models to meet the needs of the ever-connected customer, we’ve played a leading role in the development of a new standard – GTIN+ on the web. This will see better quality online product information – helping search, product comparison and ultimately driving more sales. We’ll see this rolled out across industry this year.

We’ve also worked with the GSMA (the association for mobile phone operators) to develop a standardised framework for distributing and accepting digital coupons –bringing benefits to retailers through differentiated offers. This work is ongoing, with further industry engagement and a proof-of-concept to demonstrate how the framework will enable retailers and brands to work with a wide range of service providers, allowing coupons to be more widely distributed and accepted.

With the increasing number of small marketplaces traders growing their domestic and cross-border sales, we’re developing closer relationships with the marketplaces and also extending our value to members who trade on them through services and partnerships. In June, eBay announced the use of GTINs as product identifiers – showing the value GS1 standards offer on marketplaces.

Although grocery retailers and their suppliers have been working with GS1 standards for many years now, there are still opportunities to extend the footprint and application of standards within their businesses to drive greater efficiency. Two major retailers rolled out additional GS1 standards throughout their supplier network for goods receiving – automating their order-to-cash processes for a leaner supply chain and better on-shelf availability.

With the support of key industry players - Tesco, ASDA, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Mondelēz, Unilever and Dairy Crest – we launched the Quality Assurance board - the role of the Board is to steer GS1 to work with the industry in solving key issues. Our ultimate goal is to develop a quality assurance framework to improve retail today and set the foundations for the future.

In the coming year, we are focusing our efforts on two programmes, supporting our members where it is needed most:

  • Perfect order – a programme that will harmonise how retailers receive goods with assurance solutions to reduce costs for both retailers and suppliers.
  • Data quality – ensuring the quality of online product data to enable consumers to make informed purchase decisions. We’ll be working closely with trading partners to increase trust and confidence in data across the sector.

It will be a busy year for the GS1 UK team, as we leverage our ability to build better relationships and have a better understanding of the needs of retailers – and the 21st century shopper!

Ian Walters
Market Development Manager for Retail/CPG

Meet Ricky

Ricky Jones
Marketing Executive

What's your name and where do you come from?
My name’s Ricky and I’m originally from Kent, but now based in London.

What's your professional background?
I'm still pretty early on in my career. My first job out of university was in marketing for a global supplier in the metal casting industry, where I was working on developing the consistent brand image.

Why GS1 and where can you help us make a difference?
GS1 UK is working with other GS1 organisations across the world to form a global brand identity. For me this is really exciting, particularly as my role focuses on retail, where we’re developing our offering and extending it to new areas.

Where in the world would you rather be right now?
Well, as it happens, I’m actually in the process of booking flights to Peru!

And finally, tell us a joke...
Very topical - I was in a supermarket the other day and I saw a man and a woman wrapped up in a barcode.

I said, "Are you two an item?"

Making the difference for our members

See how our standards have helped this member go from a humble market stall in Cheshire to enjoying international success.

It’s so much more than barcodes. It’s those extra services, help and support that really make a difference.

Andrew Cairns, CEO of Mammy Jamia’s

Vital support to our industries

current members in Apparel


amount the Apparel sector is worth

new Apparel members 
...That's a 
48% increase 

Industry commentary

Anne-Marie DeRosby
Head of Apparel

We’ve successfully entered the apparel sector and laid firm foundations with dedicated programmes to support our members in the sector.

Along the way, we’ve been engaging with industry, attended key events and have brought apparel retailers into the GS1 community. We’ve seen enormous growth in solution partners in support of the Apparel strategy and we have also set up our Apparel Advisory Board, which first met in June 2015. Having industry input into our programmes and how we operate is key to ensuring that we go on to deliver what the industry really needs. We also welcomed Terry Murphy from John Lewis onto our supervisory board.

Recently, we’ve seen great success from across the sector. We helped a major international retailer to start using GS1 unique global identifiers (known as GTINs), so they could begin trading as a concession in Debenhams stores – as well as expand their sales internationally.We’ve also been working with Sainsbury’s TU brand to roll out our EDI standards – most notably the use of Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), driving best practice to their order processes. And, helping the industry understand how they can use RFID to better manage their inventories – meeting and successfully supporting roll-out plans of RFID across their business with John Lewis, M&S, River Island and Tesco’s F&F brand.

we are also engaging with major on-line apparel retailers on how we can support their digital and multichannel business – working on digital coupon programmes, click & collect models and, very importantly, the returns management process – currently the fastest growing revenue loss area of multichannel platform retailers.

These are great examples of the main areas we’re focusing on in the year ahead, which are:

  • Unique identification of products, to really help our members in cross-border trading and concession management.
  • Process automation, using GS1 EDI standards to drive the operational efficiencies through agile ordering, fulfilment and payment.
  • Inventory management, giving our members complete visibility right down to item-level tagging – and continuing the adoption of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
  • Omnichannel, digital growth and issues with returns – where we can support our members drive-forward efficiencies in these areas.

Meet Jacky

Jacky Broomhead
Apparel Market Development Manager

What's your name and where do you come from?
Hi, I’m Jacky. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia.

What's your professional background?
It’s quite varied but I’ve primarily worked in Fashion. I started out in Fashion Design manufacturing moderately priced womenswear made in China, Bangladesh or Vietnam. From there I moved into Buying and Merchandising and helped launch the Australian sister site for the European ecommerce player Zalando. When I moved to the UK I worked in Management Consulting for the retail sector before joining GS1.

Why GS1 and where can you help us make a difference?
I’m quite an idealist so the concept of working for a standards organisation where everything we do needs to be fit for purpose and based on best practice really appealed to me.

Apparel is a newer area for GS1 UK, over the next 12 months I can assist GS1 UK by building awareness in the industry and translating our offer into a language relevant to the apparel market.

Where in the world would you rather be right now?
On a beach, or on top of a mountain. Somewhere outside.

And finally, tell us a joke...
How do you find Will Smith in the snow? You look for the fresh prints!

Making the difference for our members

We recognise the critical role that GS1 standards play in enabling the level of efficiency modern supply chain operations demand

Terry Murphy, Director of National Distribution Centre Operations at John Lewis

Looking back at key milestones from the year

Vital support to our industries

members in foodservice and convenience


UK convenience sales last year


UK foodservice sales last year

Industry commentary

Martin Janes
Head of Foodservice & Convenience

We’ve seen big changes in the sector, with the introduction of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (EU 1169/2011), which, among other requirements, mandated changes to UK packaging for how allergens are distinguished and how nutritional information is listed online.

The introduction of this new regulation has underlined the importance of GS1 standards in traceability across foodservice and convenience, not to mention the support we can offer the industry – our members.

There is now a great opportunity for us to work hand-in-hand with the industry, to transform operational processes within foodservice and convenience and to drive efficiency and better fulfilment throughout the supply chain.

We’re already supporting the development of future consumer interactions at point of purchase – showing how our standards can enable digital coupons, online shopping, promotional activity and loyalty. This will allow foodservice operators and convenience stores to delight their customers, drive footfall and develop a real point of difference.

We are supporting businesses in this sector to develop strategies and embed a standards-driven approach to building real, sustainable capabilities for the long term. This will enable them to meet the challenges of servicing their customers over the next 5 years and beyond. We’re already well underway in our programme to develop close business partnerships in this area.

In the year ahead, following in the footsteps of our other sectors, watch this space for an industry advisory board, bringing together leaders and expertise to drive GS1 standards across foodservice and convenience from the top down, as well as giving us valuable insight into these sectors.

Meet Gavin

Gavin Albrow
Development Manager – Wholesale & Convenience

What's your name and where do you come from?
Hi, I am Gavin and I am from Norwich in Norfolk

What's your professional background?
My professional background is the supply and distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) through the wholesale channel to large grocers, national & independent convenience stores, foodservice and leisure.

I have predominately been sales focused, working and managing all traditional sales functions including field sales, national accounts, sales support, customer services & tele sales. I have also worked across operations within buying, stock control, transport and administration.

Why GS1 and where can you help us make a difference?
It is very apparent, whilst the convenience sector is enjoying strong growth through the change in shopper habits, those operating within it are not realising their full potential. Convenience is a very fragmented, inefficient and costly sector.

GS1’s work can drive significant improvement programmes across the dominant supply chain organisations which has the potential to unlock significant benefits for the suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers – why wouldn’t you want to be part of that?

Where in the world would you rather be right now?
Jumping out of a plane over Las Vegas!

And finally, tell us a joke...
Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.

Making the difference for our members

See how our standards help save time, money and help our members' customers every day

Just like our beer, it’s the surprising things that make GS1 UK great.

Andy Moffat, Head Brewer at Redemption Brewing Company

Vital support to our industries

new healthcare members


NHS Trusts have been chosen to become GS1 demonstrator sites


of NHS Trusts are now members

Adopting GS1 standards can save 
£3 million 
in EVERY hospital 

According to Lord Carter’s independent review into the productivity of the NHS.

£5 billion 
across the NHS 

Industry commentary

Glen Hodgson
Head of Healthcare

Last year, we saw the publication of the Department of Health’s eProcurement strategy, making our standards vital in achieving improved patient safety, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency across the NHS.

This year, we’ve made so much progress. By working closely with the Department of Health, we’ve been supporting NHS Trusts and suppliers on their journey to GS1 standards adoption. More and more hospitals are implementing our standards and achieving almost immediate cost and efficiency savings – giving them more time to spend with patients too.

We set up our Healthcare Advisory Board, made up of industry leaders, senior clinical staff and regulators – placing us at the heart of decision making in the industry and to drive the adoption of our standards from the top-down.

We’ve been visiting Trusts around the UK, helping them to develop their own implementation plans. And, with new regulations expected in healthcare, we’ve also been running training courses for suppliers to help them understand what they need to do to be compliant. For the first time the Government issued a product safety recall using GS1 Unique Device Identifiers (UDI) – a milestone for our standards in healthcare.

In June we hosted our healthcare conference - our most successful event to date, which attracted over 250 influential leaders in healthcare. Notebooks were filled with real-life examples of best-practice adoption of our standards.

GS1 standards are increasingly being seen as vital. Lord Carter’s independent review into productivity in the NHS states “the introduction of GS1 standards will allow every NHS hospital in England to save on average up to £3 million each year while improving patient care” – proving the value we offer in healthcare.

Over the next year we’ll continue our work with the Department of Health in an exciting initiative that will see six NHS Trusts become demonstrator sites of excellence. Each of these six NHS Trusts will show – in a real-life setting – the benefits of GS1 standards.

Meet Marlon

Marlon Chedumbrum
Business Consultant in our professional services team

What's your name and where do you come from?
Hey, I’m Marlon and I’m from Hertfordshire.

What's your professional background?
Its quite varied, I wanted to be a Journalist and an Author, but I started my career in the NHS working for my local Trust as a Network Engineer, before taking a number of Project, Business Transformation, Management and Consultancy roles across Financial, Private, Public and Healthcare sectors. I've also volunteered as a School Business Manager and recently attained a Level One Certificate in Coaching Football.

Why GS1 and where can you help us make a difference?
I've spent a large part of my career leading, consulting-on or implementing transformation for healthcare organisations. GS1's work in healthcare means that everyone involved from supply chain through to clinician can benefit from slicker, joined up processes that makes life easier - and most importantly help increase patient safety and the overall patient experience.

For me, this is the perfect fit, as I can apply my experience of working in the healthcare sector to understand and shape each member's requirements - and help make a difference to their organisation.

Where in the world would you rather be right now?
I like cities, so probably New York with friends for NY Fashion Week!

And finally, tell us a joke...
Customer: "Hello. I can't get on the network."
Tech Support: "Ok. Just read me your asset number so we can open an outage."
Customer: "What is that?"
Tech Support: "That little barcode on the front of your computer."
Customer: "Ok. Big bar, little bar, big bar, big bar..."

Making the difference for our members

See how our standards help save time, money and help our members' customers every day

GS1 standards help us achieve so much more.

Jackie Pomroy, Head of Supply Chain for the NHS South of England Procurement Services

Vital to be seen

Getting out and about at conferences and events

NHS Confed
GS1 awareness in Healthcare

A brilliant event where we were able to deepen awareness of GS1 UK in some key ‘golden interactions’ with senior people from across healthcare.

Omnichannel summit
Getting out and about

It’s important for us to get out and meet our members and talk about the things we’re doing. And also to find out what’s happening within the industry.

C-store Forum
How we support the convenience sector

C-Store Forum UK is an event which brings together those that matter from the convenience sector of grocery retail in the UK & Ireland. This event allowed us to demonstrate how we can support the convenience sector – from the challenges of digital, the threat from multiple retailers, to meeting new regulations.

Your in-store digital technology day
In-store digital experiences

This conference is materially important to in-store digital experiences and how customer engagement will develop moving forward.

eDelivery Expo
A rapid increase in online shopping

Delivery and Fulfillment are quickly becoming the point of differentiation for retailers vying to cash in on burgeoning commercial opportunities entailed by the rapid increase in online shopping. And, GS1 UK can offer some real advantages is this area.

EHI Live
Demonstrating the benefits of using GS1

Our impressive ‘healthcare village’ made a great impression. We hosted a series of informative workshops to demonstrate the benefits of using GS1 standards to improve patient safety and procurement efficiency.

Drapers digital forum
Tackling a big challenge

This year we broke into apparel. We partnered with Drapers digital forum to support the sector to tackle the big challenge of how to innovate and drive efficiencies while, at the same time, delivering the basics really brilliantly.

GS1 UK Healthcare Conference
"Excellent, practically applicable, wide ranging."

"Credible and experts in their field, passionate about the deliverable."

Keeping it social

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That’s a 22%
increase since last year
GS1 UK in healthcare

That’s a 159%
increase since last year
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Our President and Chairman

The Rt Hon Lord Philip Hunt PC OBE
President, GS1 UK
James Spittle FCILT
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James Spittle FCILT
Neal Austin
Global Supply Chain Director
Mayborn Group
Andrew Cairns
Managing Director and Owner
A&S Cairns Ltd
Marcus Dunsmore
Vice president, Customer Service & Logistics
Mondelēz International Europe
Kathy Farndon
Head of Health Information Standards and Lead on Data stream for 100k genome project
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Customer Fulfilment Development Director at
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Director of national distribution centre operations
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Director, P&G
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Mark Jones
Global Head of Supply Chain, Nestlé
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We remember with fondness our past board member, Duncan Lennard, who sadly passed away earlier this year.
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